Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday Threads

Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your turkey...and part 2 of Wine Country fashion.

Untitled #7

A Weekend in Wine Country

Wine Country Weekend

Wine Country Weekend by jlharris featuring resin rings

The new topic is that age-old literacy tradition: The Cross-Country Road Trip Post your new board in the comment section below or here.


  1. What did YOU do this glorious Thanksgiving Day???

    I am THANKFUL for FFL!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    Here's to summer & road trips :)

  3. ROAD TRIP 2012=) honestly, though, i'd totally be in leggings and flip flops with disheveled hair, no makeup, lots of candy, and trashy magazines!!!

  4. My fantasy road trip:

  5. Here is my road trip board!!

    This one almost made me brought back such sweet memories of childhood road trips...boiled peanuts on roadside blossom perfume...cold, clear springs in the swampy Florida panhandle...sigh....