Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FFL Week 12: Cross Country Road Trip

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving holiday....and your fantasy road trip.  We all look fabulous if I do say so myself.  I love this week's boards so much.  We will start the week off with these three.  Everyone's looks are so comfortable and relaxed.  I wish we would have all put where we were headed.  I can take some guesses though.  

All American Road Trip

All American Road Trip by accurt featuring duffel bags

Accurt's board makes her seem like the perfect travel companion.  She is a light packer and will take the pictures!  I love the sandals and dress.  It makes me wish for summer, even though it really just left.

FFL12: Cross Country Road Trip

FFL12: Cross Country Road Trip by gracespriggs featuring woven bracelets

This is my board.  I have gotten obsessed with finding a chambray blouse like this one, but can't find the perfect fit.  Also, may I recommend browsing the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book?  It is a FFLer's dream!!!  Oh my gosh....let me know what you think about the fantasy gift videos!

ffl week 12

ffl week 12 by maryatidwell featuring a blue dress

Maryatidwell has got to be driving toward the beach.  It is such a dreamy board.  I love that we agree on our dream road trip car.  Roll down the windows and let's go!

And now what you have all been waiting for.  This week theme is inspired by the recent release of the final Twilight movie.  I'll admit I never read the books, but really like the movies.  The movie's release was so HUGE, that it got me thinking....what would I wear to a movie premiere?  So, dust off that red carpet and let's start shopping!  Post your FFL Week 13: Movie Premiere board in the comment section below.


  1. My first set. :)

    Playing this gives me so much happies. Really looking forward to the next one. Orrr maybe I'll just do the previous ones to add to my sets. ;D

    1. welcome!!! so excited to see your boards! yes, feel free to go back and do the previous themes.

  2. FFL= Fun. Insomnia= Not so fun. Oh well, here's my set :)

  3. here we go......

  4. http://www.polyvore.com/ffl_13_movie_premier/set?id=64556652

  5. Gorgeous road trip boards! Who else wants to quit work and head out in the wild blue yonder?! My film première creation...


  6. Love these road trips! Here is my film premiere. I went back and forth on dresses so many times...

  7. Here goes!