Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Threads: First Lady Part 2

First Lady

Election Day Style

I'm going to call today Thursday Threads. Time to show off some more First Lady Looks. I love the darling styling from our Kiwi friend WhatMariaDid. So cute! And what about that yellow and blue color scheme? So presidential and classy that FranFair should be hired as First Lady Michele Obama's stylist. I think we all took a deep breath when we saw the stunning red dress from Jlharris. That look is made for a grand staircase entrance!

This week was so much fun to do! Great job ladies. Keep that great Fantasy Fashion coming as you style your Aspen Ski Weekend. Post your boards in the comment section. #FFL

- grace


  1. Here's my submission for Aspen ski weekend:

    I love this one!!!

  2. Super duper excited to be on the blog! Off to fake-shop for Aspen now :)

  3. And mine..

  4. Oops, I put my link on the first First Lady blog post. Reposting up here:

  5. and mine!


    Sarah xx