Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Theme

Wow! This holiday season has been overwhelming.  FFL has taken a backseat...and it is sad.  However, we have a new theme!

Dress for the end of world!  In case you don't know, the world is ending in about....eh...3 days!  So, we need to be prepared....to look fabulous!  Skip the gas masks and freeze dried food.  Let's go out on top.

Posts your boards in the comment section below.  Happy FFLing.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Party

We all have some kind of holiday party to attend this month. No matter how big or how small, it is always important to be fashionable!
FFL Christmas Party

FFL - Christmas Party

Work Christmas Party

Let's raise a glass to parties, business and pleasure and to Christmas bonuses for everyone!  (a girl can dream)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FFL Week 13: Movie Premiere

FFL #13: Movie Premiere

FFL #13: Movie Premiere by allisonebailey featuring ankle strap heels

Oh my gosh, this dress takes my breath away!  What a great board.  I love all the cohesive details.  

FFL - Film Premiere

FFL - Film Premiere by franfair featuring lip makeup

This is so romantic and beautiful!  I just love the shoes with the bow detail.  I think even Joan Rivers would say she likes this board!

Movie Premiere FFL12

Movie Premiere FFL12 by mommycat featuring a cuff bangle bracelet

How fun is this board!?! I love the pops of fun colors.  You would stand out in a crowd of black for sure!

Great job ladies!  Another week of FFL.  Want to see more?  Click HERE to see lots of FFL boards of the past, present, and future!   

Speaking of future, what is our new theme?  Well, FFL member AMYSFULLER chose a theme close to many of our holiday hearts and scrambling brains.  Christmas Party!  Do you have plenty of parties to plan outfits for?  It seems I have something or two, every week until the 25th.  I get giddy when I remember I have something to dress up for.  It is really the most wonderful time of the year.  Happy FFLing.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Road Trip Part 2

Let's give these new FFLers a warm welcome....and take a look at their fabulous FFL boards.

Road Trip

FFL #12: Cross-Country Road Trip

FFL #12: On The Road

FFL #12: On The Road by lizlemoned featuring a suitcase luggage

Want to create a board for FFL week 13?  Check out the new theme here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

FFL Week 12: Cross Country Road Trip

Welcome back from the Thanksgiving holiday....and your fantasy road trip.  We all look fabulous if I do say so myself.  I love this week's boards so much.  We will start the week off with these three.  Everyone's looks are so comfortable and relaxed.  I wish we would have all put where we were headed.  I can take some guesses though.  

All American Road Trip

All American Road Trip by accurt featuring duffel bags

Accurt's board makes her seem like the perfect travel companion.  She is a light packer and will take the pictures!  I love the sandals and dress.  It makes me wish for summer, even though it really just left.

FFL12: Cross Country Road Trip

FFL12: Cross Country Road Trip by gracespriggs featuring woven bracelets

This is my board.  I have gotten obsessed with finding a chambray blouse like this one, but can't find the perfect fit.  Also, may I recommend browsing the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book?  It is a FFLer's dream!!!  Oh my gosh....let me know what you think about the fantasy gift videos!

ffl week 12

ffl week 12 by maryatidwell featuring a blue dress

Maryatidwell has got to be driving toward the beach.  It is such a dreamy board.  I love that we agree on our dream road trip car.  Roll down the windows and let's go!

And now what you have all been waiting for.  This week theme is inspired by the recent release of the final Twilight movie.  I'll admit I never read the books, but really like the movies.  The movie's release was so HUGE, that it got me thinking....what would I wear to a movie premiere?  So, dust off that red carpet and let's start shopping!  Post your FFL Week 13: Movie Premiere board in the comment section below.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday Threads

Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your turkey...and part 2 of Wine Country fashion.

Untitled #7

A Weekend in Wine Country

Wine Country Weekend

Wine Country Weekend by jlharris featuring resin rings

The new topic is that age-old literacy tradition: The Cross-Country Road Trip Post your new board in the comment section below or here.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

FFL Week 11: Wine Country Weekend

Wine Country Weekend

Wine in the Country

FFL #11: Wine Country Weekend

FFL #11: Wine Country Weekend by rebekkaseale featuring lipstick queen

What do you think of these tall glasses of wine?  So pretty, right.  Let's just plan a group trip already!

While you are hanging out this holiday week, you can start fantasizing about our next theme.  This week's contributor is rebekkaseale who wants to honor that age-old literary tradition: the Cross-country road trip! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Threads: More Aspen

Aspen Ski Weekend

Welcome back for more Fantasy Fashions! The Aspen Ski Weekend just keeps getting warmer and cozier with these boards. But, first I'd have to make a stylish run to hip Aspen coffee cafe in this outfit.

Aspen style

Fondue in the hot tub! Genius. This outfit makes me want to curl up, pull the sweater over my cute patterned little knees, and stare into a winter fire.

Aspen Ski Weekend

I think I drooled over this fur vest and MISSONI skirt. This girl has a thing for black boots, and I love it!

For more Fantasy Fashion League, search FFL on Polyvore and you will see many of our sets there. #FFL Tip: Title your boards with FFL in the future.

FFL Week 11 Theme: Wine Country Weekend Getaway. Post your board in the comment section below or here.

See you in the wine country ladies!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aspen Ski Weekend

FFL week 9

FFL - Aspen Ski Weekend

Aspen Ski Weekend

Swoosh...swoosh! I can hear the skis slide across the packed snow...as I sit by the fire with a big mug of coffee, of course! But, look at these Fantasy Fashions from this week. These ladies would actually be hitting the slopes in style. I am loving the bright colors and patterns on the coats and boots. So much fun to look at all the small details everyone added to their boards this week.

This week's theme is brought to us by Accurt.  She is so excited it is finally her turn to pick a theme.  She said she's been saving up to bring us.....drumroll....Wine Country Weekend Getaway!  Can you tell we all dream of traveling?  Happy FFLing!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Threads: First Lady Part 2

First Lady

Election Day Style

I'm going to call today Thursday Threads. Time to show off some more First Lady Looks. I love the darling styling from our Kiwi friend WhatMariaDid. So cute! And what about that yellow and blue color scheme? So presidential and classy that FranFair should be hired as First Lady Michele Obama's stylist. I think we all took a deep breath when we saw the stunning red dress from Jlharris. That look is made for a grand staircase entrance!

This week was so much fun to do! Great job ladies. Keep that great Fantasy Fashion coming as you style your Aspen Ski Weekend. Post your boards in the comment section. #FFL

- grace

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day/First Lady

First Lady

FFL #9 First Lady

Inaugural Ball and Swearing-in

Inaugural Ball and Swearing-in by amysfuller featuring pointy toe heels

What do you think of these boards?  I love them!  If you want to read what others think, visit Polyvore by clicking the usernames to see the comments.   We will post more boards later this week.  There are so many good ones, we have to show them off.

Next week's theme is....drumroll.....Aspen Ski Weekend! This week's theme comes from Mary Tidwell. She's thinking more cocoa-sipping-lodge-attire then actual skiing attire. But, it is Fantasy Fashion League, so take this theme wherever you want!  Post your boards in this comment section by Sunday, November 11th. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Martha Stewart's Halloween Party

FFL week 8

Martha Stewart's Halloween Party

Halloween Party at Martha Stewart's

Here are some terrifying boards from last week's theme! LOVE!!! We had some amazing entries so we'll post more tomorrow :) Next week's theme is "First Lady". Now, friends, let's interpret this loosely. Here in the USA, we have the presidential election coming up next week. Since both of our candidates are men, this is our chance to dream about what we'd be wearing to the inaugural event if WE were part of the first family! But, this can also be any sort of "running for office" ensemble for those of you in other parts of the world :) So have fun with this one!!! Boards due Sunday, November 4!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Attendee!

FFL #7: Paris Fashion Week attendee

Paris Fashion Week

paris fashion week

paris fashion week by amysfuller featuring tube scarves

Thanks for playing along with us last week! This week's theme: "Martha Stewart's Halloween party". Haha! I can't think of anybody I would be more nervous about impressing! Please post links to your boards in the comments section of this post by Sunday, October 28. Have fun!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Saturday Sporting Event boards!

Sporty Saturdays- Spring cricket edition

Saturday Little League

Saturday Sporting Event

Saturday Sporting Event by ohbeauty featuring the row

Here are a few more boards from last week's topic, "Saturday Sporting Event". We love them so! I especially love that "I like big books" tote...ha! And love those striped jeans :) 

Don't forget to post links to your boards for this week's theme, "Paris Fashion Week Attendee" before Sunday!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Saturday Sporting Event

Saturday Sporting Event

FFL week 6

Sporting Event

Sporting Event by gracespriggs featuring a pea coat

Love these boards from last week's theme: "Saturday Sporting Event". We'll be posting more throughout the week!

This weeks theme is "Paris Fashion Week Attendee". What would you wear to your favorite runway shows? Post a link to your set in the comments by Sunday, October 21. Au revoir!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cozy Fall Book Club

FFL #4 Cozy Book Club

Fall Book Club

Cozy Fall Book Club

Cozy Fall Book Club by sarajule featuring a metallic backpack

Next week's theme: Saturday sporting event! Please leave your sets in the comments section by Sunday, October 14.